10.Ana Ali(non-registered)
Thank you for this great site. will be ordering some of the stuff next season. look like good quality.

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9.Dan Moran(non-registered)
We have had our kids pictures taken countless times and places. Seeing the shot that Tania took of my son recently made me realize how much it matters WHO is behind the lens. It is not "pixels", zoom, or filters that matter so much.

My wife has always been able to capture the essence of who our kids are, but others not so much. Having a photograph that captures him in that moment and puts it on paper is a gift for us from a gifted person. Thank you, Tania
6.Renu Goel
This is truly the most pleasant experience ever that I have had with a photographer! Tania is a wonderful, warm, talented woman and so easy to work with. Her ability to capture the essence of my children's and our family's spirit has been unparallelled! The settings were gorgeous, and the photos even more so. I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful photos. They will be cherished always!
5.Thomas and Marilyn Cole(non-registered)
Thanks for the gorgeous background for out family! We are quite impressed with the group of photos with children, horses, parents, grandparents-all looking great! Thanks for your patience and hard work as you captured us in many views with beautiful surroundings. We are glad to be back in TX but we brought good memories with us. The pictures are special in so many ways and we love Lauren on your website. Thank you again
4.Nancy Hughes Cowan(non-registered)
The photos were just gorgeous! Thank-you so much for your time, effort, and creative eye!
3.Jen Hoffmann & Jen Hoffmann Photography,LLC.(non-registered)
Tania is a close friend that contuines to amazing me with her never ending talent. Congrats on the launch of the new site! beautiful shots girl. Can't wait for more:)
2.Ruth Holt(non-registered)
Tania has been taking our pictures for many years and we have always been extremely pleased. She has always taken her time to get the perfect shot.
1.Jim Rausch(non-registered)
Very beautiful photos Tania
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